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By partnering with Eleos Health, your patients improve faster. Empower your clinicians with actionable clinical insights that matter and to help them to focus more on their clients.

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Why Eleos Health?

Today, only 50% of clinicians follow evidence-based treatment.

Eleos Health has pioneered the use of voice analysis to seamlessly improve the clinical experience and deliver personalized behavioral health at scale.

Faster improvement rate


Clinicians who follow evidence-based treatment, on average, their clients see a 2x faster improvement rate

Increase treatment outcomes


Clinicians who receive feedback, on average, their outcomes increase by up to 50%

 Greater access to care


Built-in, one-click, Teletherapy with unlimited HD-quality sessions. HIPAA compliant included.

Focus On What Impacts Outcomes

Our solution accurately identifies and targets the two dimensions most pertinent to treatment effects: the therapeutic alliance and usage of evidence-based treatment strategies.

Increase Revenues with Superior Outcomes

Demonstrate aggregated data (HEDIS measures) to heighten the opportunity for higher than average value-based reimbursement. 

Optimize for Clinical 

Don’t miss that much-needed coffee break! Eleos Health auto-generates treatment reports based on your existing template - saving  you 45% of your time and hassle

Works In Every Setting

Integrate with your existing telemedicine vendor, use Eleos during face-to-face sessions or leverage our built-in teletherapy solution with unlimited, HD-quality sessions, a virtual front door, and dial-in capabilities.

Remote Supervision

Accelerate feedback and clinical dialogue with time-stamped comments and full transcription.



High-quality care
Between-session engagement
Weekly progress discussion
Secured remote access to care


Personal feedback system
Control over shared information
Focus on clients, not on reports
Receive & provide remote supervision


Demonstrate superior outcomes
Empower clinicians
Increase value-based payment
Improve workflow efficiencies

Methodology Grounded in Research


RCTs have demonstrated the efficacy of measurement-based care


Clients of Clinicians who follow EBT see a 2x faster improvement rate, on average


of patients whose treatment included real-time feedback on the effects of treatment reported clinically significant improvement

Reference: [1] Clark, D. M., Canvin, et al (2018) [2] Shimokawa, Lambert, & Smart, 2010

"Using our performance and outcomes to demonstrate the value of our services is key for us in order to establish a competitive advantage and provide great care to our members."

Emily Saunders,

Clinical Director


Minimal IT time, easy implementation process from start to finish

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Improving behavioral therapy, one session at a time.


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