Your relationship with your client

is your top priority, our mission is to help you focus on that relationship.

A convenient tool for quality-driven therapists




Measure outcomes, automatically

Leverage self-report data collected between sessions on standardized instruments.


Recorded sessions

Securely, with the client's consent, and using our HIPAA-compliant platform. All data is encrypted and will never be stored on your device.

Think of it as an extension of your notebook.

Lay back, we'll do the heavy lifting

We will transcribe the session with state of the art accuracy, and analyze and extract important fidelity metrics so that you can quickly track your client's progress.

Reimbursement for outcome measurements

Existing CPT codes allow you to increase your reimbursement by up to $24 from each session. Eleos Health makes that easy as clicking a button.


Built-in integration with

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Improving behavioral therapy, one session at a time.


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