Session #6

Serial Number: AJ-5323

Session Number: 6/30

Session Date: 4/21/2019

Alliance analytics

Therapist listening ratio


Session #5 had 53% listening ratio

Cross talks

17 times during the session

Session #5 had 12 cross talks

Speech rate (C/T)

120/70 words per minute

Avg. speech rate for an adult is 120 w/m

Avg. silent time (C/T)

3/10 sec

No significant silence abnormalities 

Avg. monologue time (C/ T)

12/52 sec 

Avg. monologue time ratio has increased by 67% from last session

Session recording


Client talking

Therapist talking

Cross talk



Patient: "Um, I mean, I figure we'll probably talk about something and I'll think of something then."
Therapist: "If you do think of something, just feel free to bring that up. Okay."



Therapist: "Would this be something that you'd be willing to do even maybe before you go to bed?"
Patient: "I could make a note in class today. That would make me avoid being in class."

Outcome measurements

PHQ9 has increased during the past 2 sessions

GAD7 has slightly increased from the previous session