New Feature Update:
Zoom Integration

Due to the growing number of COVID-19 virus cases around the world, more and more businesses are transitioning to remote work. Zoom is becoming an integral part of companies as well as schools around the world. Our integration with Zoom enables therapists to enhance each patient’s therapy session through an effective video conference. With just one click, Zoom allows therapists to have meetings with clients, from anywhere.


So how does this platform make a difference at Eleos? 

When integrated with Eleos Health, Zoom allows therapists to securely record patient sessions during each remote meeting. After a session is recorded, it is then analyzed by Eleos’ AI platform. This allows therapists to work more efficiently and see more patients. Eleos’ platform is not aimed to replace the work of a therapist, but rather deepen their knowledge regarding each client’s precise state of mind. 

We know that everyone is currently being affected by the global COVID-19 virus. We want to help as much as we can, so we are offering a free 90-day HIPAA compliant account for therapists. Our aim is to help as many people as possible receive effective therapy, especially during these stressful times. 



How it Works: 

  • Create an account with Eleos Health by clicking here

  • Select ‘Connected Apps’ from the Home page to connect your Zoom account 

  • Once your Eleos Health and Zoom accounts are integrated, log into Zoom

  • Now you have the ability to connect with clients, conduct, secure, remote therapy sessions and send messages through Zoom while Eleos Health manages your reports and analytics.

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